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By Inventors,   For Inventors

Learn electronics through fun.
One tile at a time.

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Discover the magic of building things.

ElectroTilez is the world’s first tile-based digital electronics education platform. 

Powered by a simple, modular and highly scalable design, ElectroTilez immerses students & educators in the world of logic, circuits and transistors.

Move fast and prototype without actually breaking things.

Transformed by the power of AR.

Break free from reality and explore electronics in a totally new way. 

ElectroTilez provides a breakthrough learning experience with AR, enhancing student engagement & fostering deeper understanding of abstract concepts.

Unlock instant feedback, learn how to connect tiles and more with our AR experience.

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An End-to-End Experience.

ElectroTilez is designed with students and educators in mind.


Hardware Kit

Dream big from the word go & build things with a selection of starter tiles & components on a highly scalable platform


AR Experience

Explore & dabble in a new dimension with our smartphone-based AR. See the tiles come alive & learn how they work together.


Educational Resources

Take the pain out of learning electronics with our simple how-to guides & support resources, built from the ground up to support all levels of ability.

Request a Demo.

Get ready to build.

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